For First Responders
Hypnosis can be used in conjunction with any medical treatment you are having that deals with any occupationally-related issues you may be having.

Hypnosis deals with the memories, emotions and pain you may be experiencing. These particular areas can be treated with hypnosis.

Pain. Pain arising after the medical treatment or due to injury.

Emotions. Typically memories, nightmares, anxiety and panic attacks.

Guilt. Guilt over what you have been through and experienced that lingers.

PTSD. Post traumatic stress disorder that often arises from on-the-job experiences.

IMPORTANT: If you are presently receiving medical treatment and are wanting to try hypnosis as well, a note from your doctor will be required.

You remember your first rescue?

Of course you do! What a rush! You got the victim to the hospital. You saved a life. You will never be the same.

You now have several rescues under your belt. And one sticks out in your mind now. It was an overdose. You save a life again.

Then it happened again. It was the same address, the same person. Not as meaningful.  Maybe it sours you.

Then it happens again and again, same address, same person. Maybe weeks have gone by in between, even months. But you know the address when you hear it called out. And you began to question the value of what you are doing. You are burning out.

Get back in touch with the things that made you love your job.
Reclaim the sense of duty and honor that first made it all worthwhile. 
Learn (re-learn) to set boundaries so that you do not take job-related mistreatment personally. 
Learn (re-learn) to step away and be off-duty, being in the moment (mindfullness).

Success with hypnosis is dependent on many variables, including your attitude as a client, your follow-through, your adherence to the program, and your personal health and history. Please consult your physician before beginning any health program.

A consulting hypnotist can and will teach you techniques that can help you manage the everyday, ordinary problems we all have. FRMS Hypnosis does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any psychological or medical disorders. If you suffer from a psychological or medical disorder, please consult your physician or mental-healthcare professional.