The Rewind Method
A Rapid Way For Managing
Intrusive Thoughts and Memories

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Are You Interested in:

Feeling healthy and improving the quality of your life?
Getting Fit? Losing weight?
Performing better in school?
Performing better in sports?
Sleeping through the night again?
Seeing how your life would change if the fear or dread of bad things that have happened could be made less severe?
Going through your entire day feeling confident and in control?
Just having the right mental attitude?

Let me help you get your mind right.  Hypnosis is using your imagination and your creativity to learn to do any and all of the things listed above!  You are totally in charge and in control and you will re-learn that you can call the shots.

Take a look around the website.  See the frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) page and read many of the articles posted.

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Success with hypnosis is dependent on many variables, including your attitude as a client, your follow-through, your adherence to the program, and your personal health and history. Please consult your physician before beginning any health program.

A consulting hypnotist can and will teach you techniques that can help you manage the everyday, ordinary problems we all have. FRMS Hypnosis does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any psychological or medical disorders. If you suffer from a psychological or medical disorder, please consult your physician or mental-healthcare professional.